Books, web sites, professional organizations, classes, software. A focused collection of reference resources for PipeDrafters.

Process Plant Layout and Piping Design by Ed Bausbacher, Roger Hunt

A comprehensive guidebook presenting tried-and-true rules of thumb for plant layout and piping design for the process industries.

The Piping Guide: For the Design and Drafting of Industrial Piping Systems by Dennis J Whistance, David R Sherwood

An authoritative reference for the design and drafting of industrial piping systems providing a step-by-step guide to piping design.

Pipe Drafting and Design by Roy A. Parisher

A book providing step-by-step instructions for creating piping arrangements, isometric drawings, and the use of 3D software.

Introduction to Google SketchUp by Aidan Chopra, Jeremy Fretts

A book providing professionals with real-world examples on how to use SketchUp. Includes both introductory and advanced topics.

The SketchUp Workflow for Architecture: Modeling Buildings, Visualizing Design, and Creating Construction Documents with SketchUp Pro and LayOut by Michael Brightman

A book that goes beyond the basics for using SketchUp from start to finish -- from preliminary schematics to construction documentation including the use of the LayOut tool.

Automatic SketchUp: Creating 3-D Models in Ruby by Matthew Scarpino

A book that presents the Ruby API for SketchUp and explains how to programmatically create 3D geometry, use transformation matrices, and graphical UI classes.

Programming Ruby: The Pragmatic Programmers' Guide by Dave Thomas, Chad Fowler, Andy Hunt

The "pick-axe" reference manual for the Ruby programming language. It includes descriptions of all the standard library modules and a complete reference to all the built-in classes.

Process Industry Practices

PIP is a consortium of member companies that harmonize internal standards for piping design, procurement, construction, and maintenance -- publishing them as external "Practices."

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

ASME is a professional organization that develops codes and standards, publications, conferences, and continuing education for engineering professionals.

American Society for Testing and Materials

ASTM International is a professional organization that develops voluntary consensus material and testing standards.

Piper Bootcamp

Online courses for Process Plant Layout developed by the Society of Piping Engineers and Designers.

A knowledge base and forum dedicated to piping professionals.

Eng-Tips Forums

A forum of professional engineers and designers sharing knowledge across a wide range of engineering practices.

SketchUp (a Trimble product)

A 3D modeling application used by millions globally, that's intuitive, fun, and free for anyone to use.

SketchUp 3D Warehouse

A free model collection of buildings, bridges, cars, spaceships, futons, dinosaurs and everything else in the universe, contributed by SketchUp enthusiasts and product manufacturers from around the world.


The premier SketchUp community discussion forum, including plug-ins, gallery, 3D model downloads, Ruby script samples, and the CatchUp newsletter.

SketchUp Sage

Tips and tricks for SketchUp modelers.


An extensive library of SketchUp tools and plug-ins to simplify repetitive or difficult modeling tasks.