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Tutorial (Alternate Methods)

Route Piping by Measurements Box (VCB)

1. "Create Pipe Group" or open existing (Pipe) Group.

2. Click "Route Piping".

3. Enter starting 3D coordinate "Position" in Measurements box.

4. Move mouse to establish piping route center-line direction.

5. Enter route "Length" in Measurements box.

6. Continue the routing process with mouse directions combined with "Length" entries.

Note: The Measurements box also accepts 3D coordinates for routes without using the mouse.

      • An absolute coordinate is denoted by square brackets. For example a value such as [36", 4', 5'] positions the next 3D route position from the model axis origin.
      • A relative coordinate is denoted by angle brackets. For example a value such as <0.9m, 1.23m, 1.5m> positions the next 3D route position relative to the previous active route position.

Progressive values entered in the Measurements box (or through mouse clicks) will be constrained to the elbow sweep offsets available in the current spec and nominal diameter, typically 45 and 90 degrees.

Tip: Piping routes defined through the Measurements box and the mouse is interchangeable. For example you can start a piping route with the mouse, then enter absolute or relative 3D coordinates, then continue with the mouse, or vice-versa.

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