PipeDraft SE

PipeDraft Student Edition A cloud-based and spec-driven 3D piping extension (plug-in) for SketchUp that's quick, fun, and easy to use.

Model pipelines for your project.

Route low-poly piping in 3D space. Detail pipes with component fitting instances. Rearrange fittings using virtual connect point snap positions. Regardless of your experience level, PipeDraft SE will help you start drafting pipes for your project.

PipeDraft makes 3D piping fun.

Millions of people have chosen SketchUp because it's a pleasure to use. We believe the secret to making pipe drafting fun is a quick interactive 3D router that automates the selection of pipe fittings by doing all the hard work behind the scenes -- so you don't have to!

Get component fittings from the Cloud.

No need to spend your time searching for pipe fitting components. PipeDraft uses the Cloud to store complete fitting catalogs. When you need a pipe fitting, PipeDraft uses a piping specification and branch table filtering mechanism to deliver the exact fitting you need, when you need it.

System Requirements

The PipeDraft extension requires a recent version of SketchUp on a supported Windows or macOS system and a live Internet connection. A registered OpenID account for sign-in is recommended.

Price: Free!

Get Started

  1. Sign-up
  2. Download and Install
  3. Launch the extension.

View our video tutorials and download a quick reference card to learn more.

"Make everything as simple as possible, but not simpler."

― Albert Einstein

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