Refresh Tool Palette Component Properties.

If you have selected a single PipeDraft fitting component or a pipe network Group object but the tool palette does not display the object's properties, then click the Component Properties refresh icon to request an update of the value display.

Reset Tool Palette from loading process.

If the Tool Palette is grayed-out and the loading symbol continues to revolve for an extended period of time, then double-click the Component Properties refresh icon to reset the entire Tool Palette. If the double-click is ineffective, then right-click the empty space in the Tool Palette near the tabs, and select the refresh or reload menu option.

Route Pipes on temporary geometry.

If you use the pipe router tool in an empty model, or a model without any geometry with click-able 3D positions for the route path, then create some sacrificial boxes to help define the route.

Simply use the built-in SketchUp rectangle and extrude tools to create a box such that one or more of the face(s) lie in the plane(s) where you want to route your pipe. Then, route the pipe directly on the faces of the box. When finished, triple-click the box and delete it.

This tip could also be used to help create sloped pipe routes by skewing one end of the box.