PipeDraft EE

PipeDraft Enterprise Edition A cloud-based and spec-driven 3D piping extension (plug-in) for SketchUp, for enterprise teams.

Model pipelines for your project using your standards.

Host your company pipe specs, branch tables, and catalogs in the Cloud for your team. Regardless of where your team members are located, PipeDraft EE will help them access your unique enterprise component content.

Get custom component fittings from the Cloud.

Provide and host customized components at any level of detail in the Cloud. (It's your choice - low or high-poly.) No need to hire expensive administration specialists to keep your system running and your global team synchronized. When you need a pipe fitting, PipeDraft EE uses your piping specifications and your branch tables to deliver the company standard fitting you need, when you need it.

Access support services.

Request updates or changes to your PipeDraft custom enterprise content. Submit requests for plug-in enhancements. Report unusual production issues.

System Requirements

PipeDraft EE requires the PipeDraft SE plug-in and a paid subscription to the Enterprise Edition.

Price: Starting at $90 USD/Month (Subscription) per team member plus *Cloud content services.

Get Started

  1. Identify your content to be hosted in the Cloud.
  2. Request quote to provision an *enterprise account.

Not authorized to make business purchases?

Contact us to initiate a subscription purchase with your accounts payable department.

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