Extension Installation for SketchUp

Before You Begin:

    1. Visit the legacy installation page if you are using SketchUp 2016 or older.
    2. Verify you are using a compatible version of SketchUp running on a supported operating system for the extension.
    3. Download the RBZ extension file and make note of the file location, usually this is your Downloads folder.

Install Instructions:

    1. Login to your computer as an administrator to assure the extension files get installed into the proper locations with proper ownerships and properties.
    2. Launch SketchUp.
    3. Open the SketchUp Extension Manager control panel.
    1. Window > Extension Manager
    2. Click the Install Extension button.
    1. Locate, select, and open the RBZ extension file you downloaded earlier.
    2. Enable the extension.
    1. Close the SketchUp Extension Manager dialog panel.
    2. The extension can now be launched from the SketchUp Extensions menu.